A New Chapter Member’s Feelings on Attending NATS

We had a new Ontario chapter member attend our Fall NATS auditions at Western University last weekend, and she sent us this note. We’d like to share it with you:

I wanted to let you know what a great experience everyone from the north had at the auditions this weekend. Both my students have told me that they found the comments very insightful and helpful and I know that both of them left feeling positive about their performances (the biggest win in my opinion). They were able to easily navigate the campus and found all of the volunteers and participants helpful. In the case of one student, she felt that it was wonderful that the auditions coincided with fall preview day. In her words, “having so many other students wandering around with their parents, looking like a deer in headlights made me feel totally at home.” They both raved about the quality of the accompanists and how easy it was to collaborate with them in the short amount of rehearsal time.

Personally, I enjoyed adjudicating the classes and the chance to meet other teachers. It was also lovely to be back at Western for the first time since graduation day!

Best regards,
Melanie Aquino


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