NATSAA 2012 — Ontario District Round 1 Results

The NATSAA Ontario Round 1 results are in!

We had a wonderful day of singing here in London at the Von Kuster Recital Hall on Saturday January 21st.  Some of this province’s most accomplished young singers met to compete for the responsibility of representing our NATS District in the Great Lakes Regional round of NATSAA with an eye to the Final Round at our National Convention in Orlando.

Under the supervision of our Great Lakes Regional Governor, Laurie Lashbrook, the following singers from (first-place to third place) will move on to the regional round at the Grand Valley State University, Cook DeWitt Chapel in Allendale, Michigan:

Lesley Bouza (studies with Inna Golsband)

Shatelle Przybylo (studies with Lorna MacDonald)

Michele Bogdanowicz (studies with Jean MacPhail)

The following are our TWO alternates:

Courtney Murias (studies with Patricia Green)

Tamera Newberry (studies with Torin Chiles)

I would like to express my thanks to our three judges for the day:  Irene Welhasch-Baerg, Michael Cavanagh and Brian McIntosh.  They managed that tricky balance very well, where they took their responsibilities very seriously but were gracious and easy going at the same time!  They are wonderful colleagues and I am sure that you all share my gratitude.

Two NATS members (in addition to me) were on hand to see that things ran smoothly.  I thank Gwenlynn Little and Jackie Short for their presence and support throughout the day.  I am sure that they will echo my comments about what an enjoyable day of singing it was.

Finally, I would like to thank one of our Performance Department Administrative Assistants, Natalie Donnelly and three of my grad students, Hannah Stewart, Victoria Trevoy and Albert Montanez.  These four delightful people gave of their personal time to help me run this competition on a sunny Saturday.  Thank you – you were a sunny group of people to work with and to represent NATS Ontario for this competition!

And now, on to round two… We NATS Ontario members wish you well Lesley, Shantelle and Michele.  We will be cheering for you in Michigan and I hope to cheer one of you on at the Final Round on Orlando Florida in six months time!

Torin W. Chiles (NATS Ontario, District Governor)


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