SongFest Mentor Program Scholarship Opportunity for NATS Members

National Association of Teachers of Singing is pleased to announce a new partnership with SongFest 2012.  SongFest has established a Mentor Program especially designed for voice teachers and coaches and is offering two full-tuition scholarships to NATS members (valued at $850, room and board not included) to attend SongFest 2012 “Breaking the Song Barrier.”

SongFest Mentor Program participants will enjoy the opening reception, attend specific performing classes, observe all master classes, optionally sing/play in two master classes, and learn from a selected faculty member in a private lesson/coaching session. The faculty members scheduled to participate at SongFest 2012 include William Bolcom, Amy Burton, Melanie Emelio, D’Anna Fortunato, Margo Garrett, Jake Heggie, Martin Katz, Libby Larsen, John Musto, Rosemary Hyler Ritter,  Lisa Saffer, William Sharp, Liza Stepanova, Jennifer Tung, Roger Vignoles, Lucas Wong, and Frances Young.

“NATS continues to expand its membership benefits, and this SongFest scholarship is yet another way for you to find value in your association with NATS,” says Allen Henderson, Executive Director.

SongFest takes place on June 5-28 at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. We invite you to go to the website for more information.

The deadline for NATS members to apply for a SongFest Mentor Program scholarship is Wednesday, March 30, 2012. Interested NATS members should download the Mentor Program informational flyer. Applications are being accepted on YAP Tracker (or download the paper application). Applicants should mark in the “comments” section that they are applying for the NATS scholarship. There is no need to audition live, two audio recordings should be submitted with the application.  SongFest and NATS will choose two NATS members to attend one or both Mentor sessions: Session I: June 6-17, Session II: June 17-28.

Founded in 1996 by Rosemary Hyler Ritter, SongFest is a unique program that focuses on the art of song.  Participants from all over the world, ranging in age from high school students to working professionals, gather each summer at Pepperdine University for an intense program to learn from experts in the field of classical art song.


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