Official Notice of Election of Officers

Official Notice of Election of Officers:
NATS Ontario Chapter Meeting – May 5th, 2012

In my role as District Governor, it is my delight to inform you that the current NATS Ontario Executive has agreed to let their names stand to be re-elected in their current positions.

I hereby give notice of these nominations:

·         President – Catherine Robbin
·         VP Projects – Elizabeth McDonald
·         VP Projects – Alison Moodie
·         VP Membership – Lindsay Isaac
·         Secretary – Michael Donovan
·         Treasurer – Linda Condy

If there are other nominations for the NATS Ontario Executive, I will certainly accept them (please forward nominations to me via e-mail) but, I imagine I speak for the entire NATS Ontario Membership, as I express how VERY pleased I am that this energetic and productive Executive has agreed to stand for a second term in office.

Our chapter secretary, Michael Donovan, will have an up-to-date list of membership so that we can be sure of a quorum on May 5th.  Michael will also be sending out a form to make an official request for proxy votes for those members who are not able to attend the meeting.  This is important, since our by-laws stipulate that we must have these elections AND that we must have a quorum of members’ votes to make the elections legitimate.

Yours Collegially,
Torin W. Chiles

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