Summer Voice Summit Recap

On Saturday July 7, and Sunday July 8th many of our Ontario Chapter members attended the Summer Voice Summit at the Royal Conservatory.  All presentations were informative and entertaining.

Mary Lou Fallis spoke about Back to Basics and Inspring the Whole Singer.  Mary Lou, a great performer, shared many of her experiences as a teacher and performer.  She reminded us that we need to inspire and guide our students. Sometimes take a risk;

“You always miss 100% of the shots you never took.”

Scott McCoy spoke about Acoustic Analysis as Feedback in the Voice Studio and Understanding the Relationship between Vowels and Pitch.  He presented information about his research on these topics at the Swank Voice Laboratory.  He highlighted a number of types of software available for the voice studio, showing us the analytic tools that are available to make us all better teachers.

Laurel Trainor provided information on her research on Music and Brain Development, specifically in children. This session was for both piano and vocal participants.  Her ongoing research at McMaster University proves that by learning music we are able to learn other skills better, such as reading.

Donald Simonson spoke about ‘Removing Myth from the Voice Studio’ which was great…he reminded us that sometimes, we may say some crazy things to help our students on their paths to understanding.

Robert Loewen and Tina Torlone spoke about Teaching Emerging and Senior Voices.  Many books were suggested, “Teaching Kids to Sing” and “Sing Better As You Age” were well recommended.

Susan Knight presented some awe inspiring ideas about her choral program Shallaway in Newfoundland, and how she inspires her choirs with empowerment, by creative a supportive environment for everyone.  She reminded us we are still learning….we just may be further along on the path than our students.

Susan Ambrose and Barbara Dunn-Prosser provided all the information we need for the new RCM syllabus, and treated us to their beautiful singing.

It was great to see so many NATS Colleagues; almost all the vocal presenters were members of NATS.  Several Ontario Chapter members attended and many of us worked to recruit new members.

The Reception that the NATS Ontario Chapter co-hosted with Remenyi was a great success and a fabulous opportunity to speak to those attending the piano summit as well.


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