NATS Ontario Chapter Auditons 2012

The 2012 NATS Chapter Auditions will be held at Wilfrid Laurier University in the John Aird Centre on November 17th. Our onsite administrator is Daniel Lichti.

The Chapter Auditions officially moved into the 21st century last year, and for a 2nd year our application process will be completely online.

This process will be new for those of you who missed last year’s Chapter Auditions, so please be patient with the program, and myself as we navigate through the fall together.

Please go to to register your students.

On the Home Page of there are directions for logging onto the website. Please access the website with the email address that you have given the NATS Ontario Chapter as your membership email. This is the email account that you have been registered with on the website.

If you have NOT paid your Ontario Chapter dues, you will need to pay your late fee of $40 on the NATS Ontario website, before registering students.

All information regarding how to register online, directions to Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Waterloo Inn are on the website.

Please carefully read the Home Page of the website, and the FAQ page, before beginning the registration process.

*Although there is a list of accompanists on the website, please do not select an accompanist that your student has not been in verbal contact with prior to registering. If you need an Official Accompanist, please select the “Official Accompanist” box. There are 8 official accompanists.*

I look forward to seeing everyone in Kitchener Waterloo on November 17th.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me,


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