2012 Chapter Banquet

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On Friday November 16th I was privileged enough to attend the 2012 NATS Ontario Fall Meeting and Banquet at the Waterloo Inn in Waterloo, Ontario. As a new member of the Ontario chapter I was more than impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, collegial atmosphere and of course the exquisite menu and ambiance of the venue.

This event set up a wonderful social setting for adjudicators and Ontario chapter members to acclimate preceding the November NATS auditions held at Wilfrid Laurier University the next day. Between presentations, muffled debates and energized discussion could be heard throughout the room. Each table became an open “round table” forum for theories of vocal pedagogy, studio development and higher education. Where else can voice professionals network and openly share opinions and experiences within their discipline with like-minded peers.

Unbeknownst to me there are two annual meetings for the Ontario NATS chapter. One is in May and the other in November. These meetings serve to educate members on current chapter events, and work towards establishing a foundation of excellence in service and awareness. Annual meetings provide unique presenters, educational opportunities, and inspirational events. The region included in the Ontario chapter is full of exceptional vocal teachers, coaches, accompanists, educational institutions and talented musicians. I believe that the meetings and events provided through the Ontario NATS chapter are an essential element in enhancing the opportunities and talent of the region.

This was a wonderful experience for me both personally and professionally. I am greatly inspired and enlightened by those in attendance and I look forward to future events. I highly recommend those looking for a way to further contribute, or share personal ideas and methods with their community to attend these meetings and events.
What a wonderful and successful weekend of collaboration and music!

– Amy Waller


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