NATS Ontario hosts first Post Secondary Voice Studies Recruiting Event


Hosted by the faculty and staff at Wilfrid Laurier University, NATS Ontario  presented our first ever Post Secondary Voice Recruiting weekend on November 17, 2013.  This new initiative was linked with our annual NATS Student Auditions and provided an opportunity for invited University and College Music recruitment officers to set up a display booth highlighting their programs and provide information to participating voice students, their parents and their teachers.  This recruiting day replaced our previous program “Making the Cut”.



The NATS Ontario Executive was thrilled to have a number of fine programs, teachers and music retailers and publishers present.  Here is the line up from this years’ event:



Here is what people had to say:

It was a very successful day.  I saw parents and singers speaking with folks from all of the schools in attendance and enjoying the opportunity to collect information.   I would be pleased to be present if possible at future gatherings and certainly willing to assist in some advocacy on the behalf of NATS.  The quality of performers was very good and I am pleased to be associated with the group.
Bill Labron, Music Plus


I know I speak for my colleagues and students when I say we were impressed with how well the event was run from your end of things. A great day for all!
Kimberly Barber, Wilfrid Laurier University


I was there and quite enjoyed it. I had a small table between the Music Plus display and Queens… I have already spoken to my chair about a “splashier” booth for Brock for next year’s November auditions.
Deborah Linton, Brock University


Thanks for all the work you did on this.   When and where is it next year?  If you let me know the dates and location as soon as you know, I’ll mark my calendar so I can work on organizing it sooner this year.
Recruiting officer Jennifer Panasiuk at University of Toronto


It was so nice getting to chat…  It is very exciting knowing all of the options out there for teachers.
Amanda Brunk, K-W SNATS


Thank you to Wilfrid Laurier University for their seamless coordination, to all the voice teachers and program coordinators for making it a worth-while event for students and their parents and to the students for their enthusiastic response!

Look for an update on our Fall 2013 event – we would love to hear your thoughts on who to include and how we can make it even more exciting!


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