Your Feedback Requested for Strategic Planning

Dear Colleagues,

I have been asked to serve on the President’s National Strategic Planning Committee headed by Lloyd Mims.  In preparation for our discussions it would be quite useful to me and to our organization if you would forward to me your thoughts and reflections about what our organization is doing well and what you think we can do better – what our goals are, or should be, from your perspective.  Please email me directly at with your thoughts and comments.

Typical discussion points are:

  • How can we ensure that our members are getting value from their membership?
  • Should we be more overtly including voice training for children in our mandate?
  • What sorts of professional development are most useful from the national level and from the regional level and from the chapter level?
  • Should NATS be playing a more active role as an upholder of ethical and professional standards, and how would we do this?

I am sure that you will think of many more and I look forward to your help as we imagine how to make our organization and our profession even better.

Torin W. Chiles, NATS Ontario District Governor


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