Interdisciplinary Survey on Common Usage of Breathing Terminology

NATS Ontario member, Shannon Coates, would like your participation in a survey which will form a major part of her doctoral research:

Interdisciplinary Survey on Common Usage of Breathing Terminology

This survey was created by Shannon Coates (DMA Candidate, University of Toronto) to find quantitative data showing the level of consistency of terminology used by speech language pathologists, otolaryngologists, and singing teachers throughout North America.

The survey was approved by the University of Toronto Ethics Board on 24th January, 2014 and forms a major part of my doctoral research. Your participation is completely anonymous and voluntary, and data collected from this survey will remain confidential, non-identifiable, and will be used for research purposes only. While participation in this survey will not benefit you directly, it will contribute to the voice community as a whole, and you may find benefit from reflecting upon the terminology that you use in your studio, clinic, or practice.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and you may complete it all at once, or in more than one sitting. By clicking on the survey link, you are consenting to voluntary participation, acknowledging that you are at least eighteen years of age, and that you treat or teach classical singers in your studio, clinic, or practice.

I anticipate collecting data from 1st February 2014 until 15 March 2014, after which the survey link will no longer be active.

As a larger survey sample size will ensure more significant data, leading to a greater impact on the clarification of terminology used in the voice community, I would be grateful if you would consider forwarding the survey link to any of your colleagues who teach or treat classical singers.

If you have any questions concerning my research or the survey, please contact me or my supervisor (contact information below). Your time and dedication to voice research is valuable and highly appreciated.

Shannon Coates, DMA Candidate in Vocal Performance, Specializing in Voice Pedagogy, University of Toronto

Professor Lorna MacDonald, Lois Marshall Chair in Voice Studies, University of Toronto


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