2016 Bel Canto Summer Voice Program – Munich






Dear Teachers and Singers,

What a summer!  Great response from students arriving worldwide to our Munich Opera Program and then an incredible ending with 3 students offered a rare opportunity to return after auditioning for the ZAV Kuenstlervermittlung Agents.

With all this positive news, we are excited to launch the 2016 Bel Canto Summer Voice Program.  Students can select from a variety of programs; and what better place than in Munich, the heart of Europe.  Germany has a rich and active tradition of art, culture and opera and our multi-faceted program assists students on their journey toward understanding these musical traditions and enhancing their performance skills.

Our international instructors are dedicated to nurturing and developing the talent of serious classical singers.  Bel Canto offers three levels of training tailored to the individual needs of the participants:  the Audition Training Program, Voice Study Program, Young Dramatic Voice Program and the Collaborative Pianist Program.  

All programs include:

  • Acting, Stage Craft
  • Scene Study
  • Group Coaching
  • German dialogue training
  • Master Classes / Performance Classes
  • Voice Lessons
  • German Resume Writing
  • Tours
  • NEW Stage Makeup Class
  • Attendance at numerous performances at the Bavarian State Opera and
  • End-Of-Program Concert.
  • A German Study Program is also available for an additional fee.
  • Agents feedback (Audition Training)

We have attached our poster for the 2016 session for you to offer your students or post on your information boards, as we are now accepting applications for the July 2nd to 28th, 2016 Session.  For more information and audition dates, please visit www.belcantosinging.com


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Narelle Martinez,
Artistic Director

Bel Canto Voice Program LTD.
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