NATS Ontario Vocal Showcase Registration is Now Open

As you may know, the NATS Ontario Vocal Showcase 2017 will be held at York University on Saturday and Sunday, 18th and 19th of November, with Classical classes taking place on the 18th of November and Music Theatre classes taking place on the 19th of November. And, as if that isn’t cool enough on its own? There’s more!

The NATS Ontario Executive is JUST THRILLED to announce the creation of several new classes, including:

  • Young Singer / Grades 5 & 6 in both Classical Voice & Music Theatre
  • Adult Beginner and Adult Advanced, which are divided into under 30 years of age and over 30 years of age in both Classical Voice & Music Theatre

So, YES, everyone (including the YOUNG SINGERS) can sing in either music theatre or classical classes, OR Рdrum roll please Р they can participate in BOTH music theatre AND classical classes.

As always, we owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to the Vocal Showcase Coordinator, Bethany Horst, who has been testing out the newly updated registration software, entering new classes, and working out the bugs to get everything ready (THANK YOU BETH)! I’ve had a chance to use it myself and it is definitely an improvement – we think you’re going to be very happy with the update as well!

Registration opens today!

How to Register

Visit the NATS site –

Click on “Member Home” in the top menu:


On the next screen, login with your credentials.

After logging in, scroll down and click on the “NATS Auditions Registration” button:

Once you’re in, it’s pretty straight-forward.

We hope everyone has had an excellent start to the academic year. We’re looking forward to seeing you in November!


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